Which motor is used in spindle?

Electrical motors are most commonly used as spindle drives. Depending on the requirements on the machine tool, 3 different types of rotational electrical motors can be employed here: The DC motor, the synchronous motor and the asynchronous motor.

Depending on the requirements for the machine, different types of motors can be used for the spindle, such as DC motors and servo motors.

DC motors are simple and reliable, making them a popular choice for spindles. They work by generating a magnetic field around a rotor that rotates when current is applied. The speed and torque of the motor can be controlled by adjusting the voltage and current. However, the speed control of DC motors is not as precise as that of servo motors.

Servo motors, on the other hand, offer greater precision and accuracy in speed and position control. They work by using feedback from an encoder to compare the actual position of the rotor with the desired position. If there is any deviation, the servo motor adjusts its torque to bring the rotor back to the desired position. This makes servo motors ideal for applications that require high accuracy, such as CNC machines, where the spindle must rotate at a specific speed to make precise cuts.

Another factor to consider when selecting a motor for a spindle is the power requirements. Typically, spindle motors have high speeds and may require high power output, so the motor must be able to provide the necessary torque. This is especially important for high-speed spindles, where high torque is required to maintain stability.


In short, the motor used for the spindle can be either a DC motor or a servo motor. DC motors are simple, reliable and economical, while servo motors offer greater precision and accuracy in terms of speed and position control. The choice of motor will depend on the specific requirements of the application, such as power output, speed control and accuracy.

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