What should my spindle speed be?

To calculate spindle speed: Multiply cutting speed by 1000. Divide the product by the circumference of the workpiece/tool.

Spindle speed is an important factor to consider when using any type of cutting tool or machining process, as it will directly affect your cutting results. If you want to know the spindle speed you need, you should consider the following aspects.

The type of material being machined

First, you need to know the hardness and density of the material being used. Harder and denser materials require a lower spindle speed, while softer and looser materials require a higher spindle speed.

The cutting tool used

Different cutting tools also require different spindle speeds. Larger tools require lower spindle speeds, while smaller tools require higher spindle speeds.

Depth of cut

The depth of cut is also a factor in determining the spindle speed. Shallow depths of cut can use higher spindle speeds, while deeper cuts require lower spindle speeds to avoid the risk of overheating and tool breakage.

Feed rate

Feed rate is the speed at which the material moves while cutting. If the feed rate is fast, a higher spindle speed is required to ensure the cutting results. If the feed rate is slower, a lower spindle speed can be used.

Required surface finish

If you need a high quality surface finish, a lower spindle speed is required. For machining that requires a rough surface, a higher spindle speed can be used.

One thing to note is that increasing the spindle speed will increase the cutting speed, which can improve the material removal rate, but may also cause more severe tool wear.


In conclusion, determining the right spindle speed is a key factor in achieving optimum machining performance. It requires consideration of several factors, including the material being machined, the cutting tool being used, the depth of cut, and the desired surface finish. By considering these several factors together, it helps you achieve a high quality, efficient machining operation.

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