How to choose the power of spindle for the CNC router?

Choose a CNC spindle that has the RPM, power, and cooling you need for your material. For Wood and Aluminum, a spindle with 24,000 RPM and 1kW power is good. For Steel, RPM between 15,000-18000 and power of 5.6 kW is good for up to 12mm tool size.

In an engraving machine, the spindle is the axis of rotation that holds the engraving tool. It is responsible for rotating the tool at high speed in order to cut or engrave the material. The speed of the spindle is usually adjustable, and you can choose the right speed for the spindle according to your engraving material. Spindle is an important part of the engraving machine, which plays a key role in the accuracy and precision of the finished product.

Factors affecting spindle power

If you want to choose the right spindle for your CNC engraving machine, power is an important factor for you to consider, as it affects the overall performance and efficiency of the machine. The high power spindle allows your engraving machine to process harder materials. In your choice of spindle power for your engraving machine, you should consider the following factors.

  • Engraving materials: Different materials require different spindle power. Harder materials such as metal and stone require higher spindle power, while softer materials such as wood and plastic can be carved using lower spindle power. If you often process many materials, then the engraving machine with adjustable spindle power is more suitable for you.
  • Size of material: If you need to process larger material, a high power spindle is more efficient. Smaller materials do not require a spindle with much power.
  • Machining depth: If your machining project requires deep engraving or cutting of material, a high-power spindle will handle the material more efficiently, while a low-power spindle may be less effective.
  • Frequency of use: If you frequently use your engraving machine to process material, higher spindle power may be required to ensure that the machine can handle the workload efficiently.

Power recommendation

If you are new to engraving machines with spindles and don't know how much power to choose, we have some suggestions for you. For the relatively soft materials of plastic, wood and aluminum, 24,000 RPM and 1 KW spindles are available to meet your needs. For steel, which is a relatively hard material, an RPM between 15,000 and 18000 and a power of 5.6KW is appropriate.


By considering the above factors, you can choose the right spindle power for your CNC engraving machine. However, spindle power is only one of the factors to consider when choosing a CNC engraving machine, and there are many more to consider if you need to pick the right engraving machine.

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