How do I choose the right machine tool spindle?

To choose the right machine tool spindle, consider factors such as accuracy, power rating, voltage, speed range, cooling method, and compatibility with a frequency converter. These factors determine the spindle's performance and suitability for your mach

The spindle is the core component of machine tool processing, without the spindle, the machine tool cannot be used for material processing. Spindles play an important role in simplifying the structure of the machine tool and improving its performance. Choosing the right spindle motor is critical to the machine tool. Selecting the right spindle requires consideration of a variety of factors, the key factors mainly include accuracy, power rating, voltage, speed range, cooling method, drive, etc.

Factors to consider

Spindle accuracy

First is the accuracy of the spindle. The accuracy of the spindle determines the accuracy of the machine tool processing. By choosing a high-precision spindle, the error of the processed products will be smaller, and the surface of the products will also have a good high-gloss effect. Lunyee's spindle motor adopts a high-precision grinding taper hole with high concentricity, which not only produces high-precision products but also makes the tool durable and not easy to break.

Rated power

The amount of spindle power depends on the material removal rate and the maximum depth of cut required. When machining harder materials, the spindle needs more power to avoid unavailability or overload.


In general, spindles usually use 220V or 380V. However, if there is a special need, Lunyee can also customize the voltage to 110 volts. The spindle must be connected to a variable frequency drive (VFD), not directly to normal household voltage.

Speed range and frequency

The maximum speed and frequency range of the spindle must be consistent with the target cutting speed and feed rate. Generally, softer materials are suitable for high-speed machining, and conversely, harder materials are suitable for slow machining.

Cooling method

The cooling method of the spindle can be decided according to the material to be processed. For wood and soft materials, the air-cooled spindle can be chosen because the material of these materials is softer and the heat generated is not very high. For stainless steel, stone, and other hard materials, we generally choose a water-cooled spindle. This is because in processing such materials, the water-cooled spindle heat dissipation effect is better.


The spindle motor needs to be matched with a frequency converter. The power of the frequency converter needs to be greater than the power of the motor and consistent with the voltage of the spindle. In addition, it is necessary to consider whether the frequency converter can reach the speed and frequency of the spindle.


Choosing the right spindle motor requires consideration of a variety of factors, and by taking a variety of factors into account, you will be able to pick the right spindle motor for your use.

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