How do I choose a spindle?

Choose a CNC spindle that has the RPM, power, and cooling you need for your material. For Wood and Aluminum, a spindle with 24,000 RPM and 1kW power is good. For Steel, RPM between 15,000-18000 and power of 5.6 kW is good for up to 12mm tool size.

The spindle is an important part of a CNC machine. It is the motor that drives the cutting tool and enables the machine to make precise cuts. Choosing the right spindle is critical to achieving good machining results. If you want to choose a suitable spindle motor, you need to consider a combination of factors.

Considerations for choosing a spindle

The first and most critical factor. The power, speed and torque requirements of the spindle will vary depending on the type of material you will be cutting, the size of the workpiece, and the accuracy of the cut required.

  • Spindle speed range is another important factor. The spindle speed range will vary depending on the type of spindle you choose.
  • Spindle power is another key factor. If the spindle power is insufficient, accurate and precise cutting will not be possible. However, if the spindle power is too high, the workpiece or tool may be damaged.
  • Then is the cooling system. Cooling systems help reduce heat buildup during the cutting process and extend the life of the spindle. Lunyee's spindle motors have two types of cooling systems to choose from: air-cooled and water-cooled. Air-cooled spindles are usually more affordable, and water-cooled spindles are more expensive, but they have a lower speed range and are less likely to overheat.
  • Noise is also an important factor to consider, and air-cooled spindles are generally louder than water-cooled spindles.
  • Cost is an important factor to consider when choosing a spindle. The cost of a spindle will depend on the type of spindle, its power rating, and other characteristics.


Choosing a spindle requires careful consideration of several factors. By considering the application, speed range, power, cooling system, noise level, cost, etc., you can choose the spindle that will provide you with accurate cutting, long life, and low maintenance requirements.

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