Can the machining center use the electric spindle?

Machining centers can use electric spindles for high-speed cutting, milling, drilling, and other precision machining operations. Electric spindles are highly reliable and offer high power and torque, making them a popular choice for machining centers.

Machining centers are automated milling machines that can perform complex metal cutting operations. Today, most machining centers use hydraulic or pneumatic spindles to drive metal cutting tools. However, electric spindles are gaining attention as an alternative to machining centers. This paper analyzes the potential advantages and integration challenges of adopting electric spindles in machining centers.

Advantages of electric spindles

  • Electrical spindles offer several advantages over hydraulic spindles in machining centers. First, they offer faster and more accurate speed control. Cutting speeds can be adjusted quickly and precisely by controlling the motor speed. This optimizes speed for different materials and tools.
  • Second, motorized spindle motors produce higher torque, especially at low speeds. The higher torque allows the use of larger tools and deeper cuts. Machining forces can also be transmitted more smoothly through the spindle, resulting in a better surface finish.
  • Third, electric spindles generate less heat and noise. Hydraulic systems must pump fluid to produce spindle rotation. This fluid flow generates heat and pressure pulsations, which translate into noise. A motorized spindle rotates naturally, generating less heat and noise. Finally, motorized spindles have fewer wear parts, resulting in a longer service life. If well maintained, a motorized spindle can operate reliably for many years without the need for major repairs.


Electro spindles offer significant advantages in driving cutting tools on machining centers, which can optimize the process of machining materials more quickly and accurately, as well as lead to better machining results.

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