Application fields and advantages of high-performance mechanical spindles

Main spindle electric spindle and mechanical spindle advantages and disadvantages

High-speed motors are used as high-speed emulsification power or homogenizers in medical equipment products, fine
chemical products, cosmetics industry, food processing machinery and other industries. Metal processing fields: aluminum
cutting, drilling of general metal materials, etc., used on special machines Small power head, plastic, PVC, glass,
rubber industry: suitable for cutting, milling, engraving, drilling, milling, etc., woodworking industry HSB series is
suitable for automatic linear edge banding machine, used for milling, HSP series It is suitable for end milling
machines, and can also be used on wood engraving and milling machines for engraving, drilling, milling, cutting, etc.
High-speed motors are used as high-speed drills in the electronics industry and light industrial machinery. The rapid
development of high-speed motors such as drilling of electronic circuit boards has gradually made them widely used in
the five major industries, so what advantages does it have? Next, Zhongbang Jinming will give you a detailed

The surface finish of the workpiece is greatly improved. The motor has good speed hard characteristics, and has high
speed stability under load fluctuations, so that the surface finish of the workpiece can be significantly improved. The
transmission error is small. The length of the main transmission chain of the machine tool is zero, the motor directly
drives the spindle, without any transmission error, the vibration of the spindle is significantly reduced, and the
surface finish of the workpiece is significantly improved.

Spindle deformation is small. The rotor of the motor is a rare earth permanent magnet structure, without excitation
current, the rotor generates less heat, the axial stability of the spindle is good, and the machining accuracy of the
workpiece is high.

High power and torque. The motor is a rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor with high power density and torque
density. Compared with the asynchronous motor, under the same volume, the power and torque of the motor can be one level
higher; even under the same power, because the rotor does not need excitation current, its torque is also significantly

Rear direct drive structure design, flexible power configuration. The motor is located at the rear end of the main
shaft, and the power of the motor can be freely matched with the thickness and length of the main shaft. The
configuration is flexible, and it can meet various applications where the radial space of the main shaft is limited.
Wide speed range. The motor can realize a wide range of speed regulation, stepless speed regulation can be realized
between zero speed and high speed; the constant power ratio of the motor is 1:1.25.


High productivity. The motor has the characteristics of low speed and rigidity, which can be used for rigid tapping.
Under the condition of bearing rigidity and tool hardness, it can be used for hard metal, low speed and large amount of
cutting, high speed and small amount of cutting, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. Strong servo. With
the special drive, all the functions of the digital servo spindle can be realized.

energy saving. Under the same power condition, the energy-saving effect is 20%~50% higher than that of the
asynchronous spindle motor , and the greater the power, the more significant the energy-saving effect.

Application wide. Due to the addition of low-speed characteristics, the working speed range of the product is
significantly improved, and it can be serialized. Not only can new equipment be equipped, but it is also more suitable
for the transformation of old grinding machines. This structure can be used from 500W to 150kW, and its application
range is greatly expanded.

The above is the application range and advantages introduced by the mechanical spindle manufacturer in detail. I hope
it can help you. If you want to know more about the spindle, please pay attention to the Baijia account of Zhongbang
Jinming Mechanical Spindle Manufacturer. update! Also welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation!

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