Spindle motors for CNC automated machining equipment

Mr. Vince's company produces parts needed for high-end manufacturing, and he needs to purchase a batch of spindle motors.

Client Background

Mr. Vince operates a CNC machining plant in the coastal area of the United States, and the parts he produces are mainly used in high-end manufacturing industries such as automotive and aerospace, providing a wide range of precision metal cutting services such as turning and milling. In recent years, their business scale has been expanding, and the volume of orders continues to grow. In order to further enhance the company's production automation while improving machining quality and efficiency, Vince wants to make full use of advanced CNC equipment to optimize the existing machining process. He plans to purchase a number of spindles to upgrade the original spindles.

Client need

Vince is planning to purchase several new CNC automated lathes to fully automate his shop. He needed a cost-effective, high-performance spindle motor for these CNC lathes. The spindle motor has a high speed of 24,000 rpm and provides at least 3 N·m of torque for high-speed precision turning of metal materials. At the same time, given the high ambient temperatures of around 40°C in the workshop, the spindle motor needed to have excellent heat resistance to maintain stable and reliable operation over a long period of time.

Recommended Programs

We recommend a high-power water-cooled spindle motor according to Vince's specific application scenario. This product adopts a four-bearing design for high reliability and long life; it has a high power density and strong power, with a speed of 24,000 rpm, which meets the demand for high-speed and high-efficiency cutting. Meanwhile, Lunyee uses 200°C high-temperature grease in the production of this spindle motor for excellent heat resistance. The stainless steel housing provides better protection for the motor and improves its ability to adapt to harsh environments.


Vince was very satisfied with the solution we provided, and he immediately placed an order for 5 spindle motors for testing, and the results showed that the spindle motor fully meets his requirements and significantly improves the machining quality and efficiency. Vince indicated that he would purchase this spindle motor in bulk and would consider other products from our company in the future. In addition, he will also recommend our solutions in the industry.

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