Sales case: Spindle motors for CNC machines

The company of Vannha Truong from Vietnam has many years of experience in manufacturing and selling CNC machine tools, and is a supplier of many large companies. They need to purchase a batch of high-quality, high-speed spindle motors to meet their produc

Customer Background

Vannha Truong is a customer from Vietnam, engaged in the production and sales of CNC machines. Their company has many years of experience in manufacturing and selling CNC machines, and they have been a supplier of many large companies for many years for the CNC machines they produce and manufacture. Recently, their company plans to develop and produce a new batch of products, but the company's existing motor speed can not meet the new machine operation needs, so they need to purchase a batch of high quality, high-speed spindle motor to meet their production needs.

Customer needs

Vannha Truong needed a spindle motor that could meet the specific requirements of his new product development. During our discussions with Vannha, we learned that their previous spindle motor had a speed of 10,000 rpm, so he needed a spindle motor at a higher speed. In addition, the motor needed to have a high power output, a cooling system, and be compatible with related products such as inverters and stepper motors.

Solution Method

After analyzing Vannha Truong's requirements, we recommended a 1.5kw air-cooled spindle motor . With a high power of and a speed of 24,000 rpm, this motor is perfectly suited for the operation of Vannha's new CNC machine. In addition, the motor comes with air-cooled heat dissipation to ensure that the motor runs at the optimum temperature and requires no frequent maintenance, making it easy to operate. This helps extend the life of the motor and reduces Vannha's maintenance and replacement costs. The spindle motor is also highly compatible with related products such as inverters and stepper motors, ensuring seamless integration with the customer's CNC equipment.

Customer Testimonials

Two weeks after sending the product, we did a customer callback to Vannha to ask him if he had any problems with it that we could help resolve. Vannha told us that he had tested the motor two weeks ago to evaluate the performance of the spindle motor. The results of the multiple tests indicated that the motor speed was high, the cooling was great, and the motor did not suffer from high temperatures over a long period, and he was satisfied with the performance and quality of the product. In addition, Vannha also asked about other electric spindles and accessories, indicating that he may need to purchase other spindle models and corresponding accessories shortly.

Other Applications

Spindle motor is a high-precision, high-speed, high-efficiency motor, which is widely used in various industries.

  • A spindle motor in a CNC router is the motor that rotates the cutting tool at high speeds. It is typically controlled by the CNC controller to vary the speed and rotation direction, depending on the material being cut and the specific operation being performed.
  • Carpentry: Spindle motors are used in woodworking equipment such as routers and shapers to rotate the cutting tool and shape the wood.
  • Metalworking: Spindle motors are used in metalworking equipment such as grinders, polishers, and sanders to rotate the abrasive wheel or belt and finish the metal surface.
  • Textiles: Spindle motors are used in textile manufacturing equipment such as spinning machines and weaving machines to rotate the spindles and produce thread or fabric.

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