Sales Case: Spindle for PCB engraving machine

Shane needed a spindle for PCBs, he needed the spindle to be compact in size, and have enough power to handle the machining project.

Shane runs a well-established PCB fabrication business and was recently struggling to find an upgraded spindle motor for his aging engraving machine.

Client Background and Needs

As a PCB manufacturer in business for many years, Shane's workflow relies on reliable, high-quality circuit board engraving. His existing machine was slowing down due to spindle wear and lacked the power for multilayer boards. Seeking a like-for-like replacement, Shane needed a compact motor capable of delivering at least 100W of power to perform complex engraving at higher feed rates. Shane's main requirement was for a spindle motor that could provide consistent performance for detailed engraving on printed circuit boards. The motor needed to have a compact form factor to fit its specialized machinery and enough power to handle complex PCB engraving without compromising speed or accuracy.

Recommended Programs

After fully analyzing Shane's requirements and the specifications of his engraving machine, we recommended a 100W spindle motor with a shaft length of 13.1mm and a body length of 98mm, which could be perfectly integrated into Shane's PCB engraving machine. To minimize his concerns about the motor dimensions, all dimensions were verified through on-site measurements before selection.

Offered is a 4-pole, 3-phase 100W spindle with a specially designed outer diameter and body length. The rated continuous torque can safely accommodate even multi-layer circuit boards. The manual provides commissioning instructions. All dimensions are verified by on-site measurements before selection.



Using the existing mounting points, the installation process went smoothly. Because the constant torque of the upgraded motor allows for higher feed rates without stalling, the efficiency of his machine has increased even more compared to before, which has shortened his project cycle time.

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