Sales case: Spindle for deburring

Mr. Hoanh needs to configure a batch of new spindles for the robot arm. He wants to purchase a batch of high-quality spindle motors to improve the robot's processing efficiency.

Client Background

Mr. Hoanh's company in Vietnam produces all kinds of industrial robots, which are widely used in automated production lines to produce various automotive parts, such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, luggage racks, interior trims, battery cover bottom brackets, and so on. Recently, they need to configure a batch of new spindles to be used on the robots' arms, and he would like to purchase a batch of high-quality spindle motors to improve the robots' machining efficiency.

Client need

During our communication with Hoanh, we realized that he purchased the spindles for deburring and polishing. Therefore, he required high speed and a lightweight, flexible spindle motor with a wide range of collets. He wanted the spindle motors to have a high RPM, which would be suitable for the robot's high-speed machining functions, such as deburring and polishing. At the same time, the spindle motors were required to have excellent protection and heat resistance, given the harsh production environment.

Recommended Solutions

After communication, we recommended a high power sealed air-cooled spindle motor to Mr. Hoanh. The product adopts high strength body material, the body is fully sealed, and it has good safety performance. It uses high-temperature grease and has good heat resistance. The speed is up to 24,000 rpm. In addition, the small size and compact structure of this spindle allow even lightweight robots to be used.


Mr. Hoanh tested the prototype and was very satisfied with the final result. Mr. Li decided to purchase this spindle motor in bulk, thinking that this product is cost-effective and has significantly improved the processing speed and efficiency of the robot. He said he would consider our other products and recommend them to his partners.

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