Sales Case: Electric spindle for material processing

A customer from Slovakia had some problems in the process of machining because the company's spindle had been used for many years and needed to replace it with a new one.

Client Background

Ondrej is a customer from Slovakia who sent an inquiry in December 2022 about spindle motors. After our communication, we learned that Ondrej's company mainly produces all kinds of kitchen utensils, and also includes all kinds of kitchen utensil shanks, such as acrylic, G10, wood, and other materials. As the company's spindle has been in use for many years, it is badly worn and has developed some problems in the process, so it needs to be replaced with a new spindle.

Customer Needs

Ondrej said that since their company needed to make toolholders for a variety of materials, he wanted us to provide a spindle that could handle a variety of materials. In addition to that, he wanted the final product to have a good surface finish and reduce their subsequent processing work. He also needed a motor that was easy to use and maintain, so that they didn't need much time to learn how to use it.

Program Recommendations

After understanding Ondrej's needs, we analyzed these requirements step by step in order to provide the most suitable solution for Ondrej. The need to meet the machining requirements of acrylic, G10, wood, and other materials was considered for the high-speed spindle, considering that these materials are softer than metal. Ondrej wanted to produce a good surface finish, so a finishing spindle was required to avoid burrs. In addition, our team also considered that Ondrej might have cutting needs during the production process, so we chose a higher-power electric spindle, but considering that Ondrej did not ask for it, we prepared several power models in advance for him to choose from. After making sure that all of Ondrej's requirements were met, we selected the right product, which was very easy to use and simple to maintain. We sent Ondrej videos of the different power spindles in action to demonstrate the performance of the spindle, and we also compared other spindles of the same type on the market to help him gain a better understanding of our product.

Customer Reviews

Ondrej was satisfied with our recommendation and decided to order the electric spindle. He received the spindle quickly and was impressed with its performance. He gave positive feedback on the electric spindle, stating that it exceeded his expectations and was able to engrave all the materials he needed with ease.

Other Applications

Electric spindles have various applications in different industries and specific equipment, mainly due to their precision and high-speed capabilities. Some of the most common applications include:

  • CNC Machining: Electric spindles are extensively used in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines for milling, drilling, and other machining operations. These spindle motors offer high-speed and accurate performance, making them ideal for the precise and intricate work required in CNC machining.
  • Woodworking: The woodworking industry also heavily relies on electric spindles for milling, carving, and cutting wood. The high-speed and precision of these spindles make them an ideal choice for woodworking applications.
  • Glass Processing: Electric spindles are used in the glass processing industry for grinding, polishing, and drilling glass. These spindles provide high-speed and accurate processing, allowing for precise cuts and shaping.
  • PCB Manufacturing: Electric spindles are used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs). The high-speed and precision of these spindles enable the creation of intricate designs and patterns on the PCBs.
  • Medical Equipment: Electric spindles are used in various medical equipment, including dental drills, surgical tools, and diagnostic equipment. The precision and high-speed capabilities of these spindles allow for accurate and efficient medical procedures.
  • Robotics: Electric spindles are used in robotics for various applications, such as milling, drilling, and cutting. These spindles provide high-speed and accurate performance, making them an essential component of robotics.

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